SQL Server Data Mining od wersji SQL Server 2008 nie był dalej rozwijany i był taki sobie. Natomiast teraz Microsoft zapowiada tutaj, że w SQL Server 2017 będzie to działać rewelacyjnie: "In Sql Server 2017 we are introducing in-database support for a rich library of machine learning functions, and now for the first time Python support (in addition to R). SQL Server can also leverage NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing through the Python/R interface to power even the most intensive deep-learning jobs on images, text, and other unstructured data. Developers can implement NVIDIA GPU-accelerated analytics and very sophisticated AI directly in the database server as stored procedures and gain orders of magnitude higher throughput. In addition, developers can use all the rich features of the database management system for concurrency, high-availability, encryption, security, and compliance to build and deploy robust enterprise-grade AI applications."

Dokładny zakres pracy do ustalenia.

dr hab. inż. Mirosław Kordos

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